Concord launched the European #WeekofAction for the #EuropeWeWant!

Concord is the European confederation of Relief and Development NGOs and is a partner of project. A common platform supporting NGO campaigns for 2014 European elections taking place between the 22th May and 25th May. 

Concord recently launched  their politically independent campaign "EuropeWeWant". A campaign that encourages a debate on achieving a fairer Europe at home and abroad at the upcoming European Parliament elections..

Three main calls have been set up :

placeholder-thumbnailThe new Parliament  needs to strenghten participatory democracy and promotes active citizenship participation .


placeholder-thumbnailThe MEPs will need to tackle inequality at its root, both in Europe and beyond, and in accordance with the core values and principles of the EU.


placeholder-thumbnailA European social model need to be reinvented. A model that strenghen justice, human rights and fight against poverty and inequality.



Within their  #EuropeWeWant campaign, CONCORD launched on the 5th May the #WeekofAction.

To support this action, the citizens or organisations have different possibilities : 

1)   Upload the logo of the campaign in your website. The logo is also available on CONCORD Facebook page.

2)   Add the EuropeWeWant Twitter widget to your website

3)   Add the email banner to your email signature with the hyperlink of the campagin.

4)   Upload the Policy Digest in your website

5)   Send the Policy Digest to your members and other organisations with whom you work

6)   Join the European Week of Action for the #EuropeWeWant (5 to 9 May) by for eg organising an event, mail distribution to             supporters, press release, joining social media actions, twitter storm. (please inform James about your action at [email protected])

7)   Organise a meeting with other organisations that might be interested where you can present the campaign

8)    Propose debates to journalists 

 9)   Approach your MEP candidates (see database) with the guiding questions or a letter on development cooperation and PCD related issues and ask them to commit to the pledges.

10)   Ask for a personal meetings with the MEP candidates cooperation. 

11)   Write a blog post on the elections 

12)   Write a letter to the editor for your local newspaper 

13)   Organise an event with one/various MEP candidates to debate on development and PCD

14)   Engage your audience (supporters, sponsors) in coming weeks on why the EP elections matter.

15)   Organise a coffee-party with friends to raise awareness on EP elections .

16)   Tweet – find suggestions 


Additional information can be find on the website : You can also get in contact with the organiser of the campaign James Philpot at [email protected]